CybersecurED Podcast

In this exclusive 10-part series, cybersafety educator and author Claudiu Popa, founder of the KnowledgeFlow Foundation, invites an exceptional group of special guests to take part in grounded discussions on the promise and myth of EdTech, from the original intentions to catalyze learning through technology to the privacy-invasive practices that may impact generations of students across Canada and the United States.

Knowledgeflow Cybersafety Foundation
knowledgeflow cybersafety foundation

Community Cybersafety Events

Claudiu volunteers with KnowledgeFlow to bring exciting cybersafety events to municipalities throughout Ontario.

You can learn more about Claudiu’s initiatives with KnowledgeFlow at

knowledgeflow cybersafety foundation

EdTech Success Tips and Tricks

Every year, Claudiu visits schools and presents exciting workshops to hundreds of children, educators and families about ways to cope with the new wave of educational technology available in homes and schools. Contact KnowledgeFlow and visit to learn more!

Knowledgeflow Cybersafety Foundation

Higher Education

Claudiu has been a professional lecturer, course leader, and adjunct professor for such educational institutions as the University of Toronto, Schulich School of Business, Seneca College, and Ontario Tech University.

Capstone projects

University Capstone Projects

Claudiu has shepherded many University Capstone groups through completing different projects with the KnowledgeFlow Cybersafety Foundation.

Capstone projects

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claudiu’s blog

Claudiu’s musings and meditations on data protection fails, snafus, and oddities are collected in his personal blog, Bad Privacy. From ruminations on phishing scams and the security of online learning, to the role of the radio during WWII and the lure of charismatic social movements, Claudiu aims to enlighten readers as to the complexities of the digital world we live in.