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Claudiu Popa is a public speaker, cybersecurity expert, and passionate defender of privacy rights who engages audiences through storytelling and weaponizes academic courses, radio, television, podcasts, social media, and the written word to fight for the vulnerable in society and catalyze positive social change in Canada.

Claudiu Popa has been featured on: CBC Television, CTV News, The History Channel, CP24, Radio-Canada, and Global News


"In addition to being a delightful person, Claudiu is a very sharp privacy and security professional whose skills and knowledge helped him achieve high quality results and recognition. I enjoy working with him and look forward to continuing to do so."
General Manager
National Professional Association
"Claudiu is an expert at security and protecting private data. His humour helps ease tension and is invaluable at helping staff members retain privacy principles. I recommend him to any company seeking to improve their awareness around privacy and security."
Manager of Operations
Regional School Board
"I would recommend Claudiu without reservation. He is not only an authoritative subject matter expert but is also highly business-focused. Our project had tight timelines and multiple constraints and he was able to meet our requirements fully. We look forward to doing business with him in the future."
Multinational Financial Company
"I had the pleasure to work with Claudiu Popa at Bell Canada in the E-business development organization. Claudiu is a very positive, dedicated and professional individual, who constantly focuses on achieving excellent results. I would recommend Claudiu to anyone who wants to work with or do business with him."
Senior Vice President
Leading Media & Telecommunications Firm

Professional Activities

Public Speaking

Claudiu Popa specializes in delivering keynote presentations, participating in panel discussions, and conducting professional workshops.

Media Commentary

Claudiu Popa wields his expertise to explain complex concepts in cybersecurity and protection to your viewers/listeners.

Article Writing

Claudiu Popa literally wrote the book on digital literacy and continues to ruminate on current cybersecurity trends in his blog, Bad Privacy.


Three Featured Presentations by Claudiu Popa: The Surveillance Economy; The Battle for Privacy; and From Mountebanks to Cyber Extortions

New talks and seminars are added quarterly to Claudiu’s growing catalogue of interactive workshops, custom keynotes and professional courses.


Claudiu Popa publications including "Managing Personal Information", "The Canadian Privacy and Data Security Toolkit", "The Canadian Cyberfraud Handbook", and "The Canadian Privacy and Data Security Toolkit"

Claudiu has authored important publications on privacy rights, cybersecurity and cyberfraud, backed by years of research and media commentary.

Claudiu's Story

Claudiu Popa specializes in security strategy and information asset protection and advocates for education and risk assessment for all businesses. Popa co-founded Canada’s only cybersafety foundation, where he oversees academic research and data-driven education programs. Over the past two decades, he has designed processes, testing methods, and standardized security auditing and information assurance systems that scale across supply chains.

Claudiu Popa speaking into a microphone with a newspaper clipping of him in the background